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About Delta Labs

Private label food supplement manufacturer Azerbaijan

DELTA LABS is food supplement manufacturer for private label needs. DELTA LABS was founded in 2021 and nowadays it focuses in production of dietary supplements as well as on Private Label services. We develop and produce a wide range of products with unique formulations that meet and correspond to the modern international market trends. While manufacturing its own range of products, DELTA LABS provides contract manufacturing and Private Label services and produces. Our company employs a full production cycle, from preparation of registration documents to producing finished products. If you are medium or large size company and you looking for dietary supplement products for your private label, DELT LABS is the best partner to achieving this goal. We manufacture:

  • Food supplements in capsules/syrups form for private label
  • Sports Nutrition capsules for private label


Our experience in health care industry will help to ensure that your private label product not only meets the needs of your customer, but will be a profitable venture for your business. Our food supplements are suitable for sale in pharmacies, health stores, online stores, supermarkets, Fitness clubs (Gyms) and retail shops.


·         Small minimal order quantity

·         ISO 22716:2007 GMP, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing

·         Fast new private label (finished) product launching

·         Specialize in working with medium and large size companies

·         Full range of food supplement private label services

·         Ready-made formulas and custom formulas

Help with product label design

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